Here you will find copies of all of the Council’s Privacy Notices which provide information on how each team will use your personal data for all the various processing activities that they undertake.

Team - processing activity:


Accountancy - Insurance

Beach Huts

Beach Huts - Provision of beach huts


Benefits - Administration of Benefits

Benefits - Administration of Household Support Fund and Hardship Fund

Building Control

Building Control - Enforcement action in respect of dangerous structures

Building Control - Processing of building regulation applications

Building Control - Processing demolition applications

Building Control - Maintaining a record of initial notices supplied by Approved Inspectors

Building Control - Enforcement of building regulation

Business Rates

Business Rates - Administering business rates

Car Parks

Car Parks - Processing penalty charge notices and appeals

Car Parks - Issuing parking permits


Communications - Sending information about council services, events, projects and campaigns by email newsletter or digest


Community Engagement (Coronavirus Community Support Hub) - Obtaining and sharing of information to support COVID-19 response efforts

Corporate counter fraud and compliance

Corporate counter fraud and compliance - Investigation of cases of alleged fraud across EDDC service areas, Corporate counter fraud work

Corporate Safety

Corporate Safety - Receiving and investigating notifications of accidents and making RIDDOR reports

Corporate Safety - Complaints about work conditions, welfare or safety

Council Tax

Council Tax - Administration of Council Tax

Countryside Team

Countryside Team - Hosting the AONB partnership and associated activities

Countryside Team - Countryside events booking

Countryside Team - Maintaining a mailing list of interested parties

Countryside Team - Feedback and visitor surveys

Countryside Team - Countryside events holiday playscheme

Countryside Team - Maintaining an email database of volunteers

Countryside Team - Maintaining records of volunteers

Countryside Team - Administering farming in protected landscape grants

Covid19 test and trace support

 Administration of test and trace support payments

Customer Service 

Customer Service Centre - Processing customer requests and enquiries

Data Protection

Data Protection Officer - Exercise of rights under data protection law

Democratic Services

Democratic Services - Councillor administration

Democratic Services - Public speaking at meetings of the Council

Development Management

Development Management - Hosting virtual local plan hearings

Development Management - Processing planning and associated applications

Development Management - Processing representations received in respect
of planning and related applications

Development Management - Processing CIL payments

Development Management - Planning enforcement

Development Management - Processing pre-application and general planning

Development Management - S106 agreements (including monitoring compliance)

East Devon Business Centre

East Devon Business Centre - Maintaining data on room bookings 

East Devon Business Centre - Records of business centre tenants


Elections - Administration of elections staff

Elections - Administration of elections

Elections - Administration of the electoral register


Engagement - Consultation and surveys

Environmental Health

Environmental Health Commercial Team - Receiving and processing applications for premises, events, skin piercing and animal handling display/sale

Environmental Health Commercial Team - Food registration forms and lists of registered childminders

Environmental Health Commercial Team - Complaints about health and safety, working conditions or staff welfare at commercial premises

Environmental Health Commercial Team - Complaints about food premises

Environmental Health Commercial Team - Notifications of infectious disease and port health work

Environmental Health Commercial Team - Maintaining a register of fit and proper persons under the Mobile Home Regulations

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection - Issuing animal boarding and breeding licences

Environmental Protection - Holding a database of potentially contaminated land

Environmental Protection - Enquiries and complaints about air quality, construction site nuisance, light pollution, noise and other nuisances

Environmental Protection - Arranging exhumations

Environmental Protection - Re-homing stray dogs

Environmental Protection - Arranging national assistance funerals

Environmental Protection - Issuing scrap metal licences

Environmental Protection - Pest control service


Estates - Leasing or purchasing Council land and property

Event Booking

Event Booking - Booking events on council land

Event Booking - Registration of boat and winch owners

Fly-tipping and enforcement

Fly-tipping and enforcement - Processing complaints about fly tipping

Fly tipping and littering enforcement - Investigating complaint about fly-tipping and littering


Grant funding - Applications and awards

Home Safeguard

Home Safeguard - Holding details of nominated contacts for home safeguard service users

Home Safeguard - Alarm Receiving Centre to enable hire and monitoring of our telecare equipment to respond to emergency calls

Housing Allocations

Housing Allocations - Processing Devon Home Choice applications

Housing Allocations - Continuous Recording of Social Housing lettings and Sales (CORE)

Housing Options

Housing Options - Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government Research

Housing Options - Processing mutual exchange requests

Housing Options - Processing homeless applications

Housing Options - Processing downsizing applications

Information and Complaints

Information and Complaints - Corporate complaints process

Information and Complaints - Requests for Information

Landlord Services

Landlord Services - Enforcing conditions of tenancy agreement

Landlord Services - Delivering a community development scheme for
East Devon tenants

Landlord Services - Nominated contacts for mobile support service users

Landlord Services - Providing a mobile support officer service to tenants

Landlord Services - Hiring community rooms

Landlord Services - Administering a tenant participation and involvement scheme


Legal - Processing leaseholder enquiries

Legal - Re-mortgaging of former Council houses

Legal - Restrictions on sale of former Council houses


Licensing - Licences for driver and vehicle related applications

Licensing - Provision of burial and memorial services

Licensing - Consents for street trading, pavement licensing and charitable street collections

Licensing - Licenses, notices and permits for alcohol and food related applications

Licensing - Licenses, notices and permits for gambling related applications

Licensing - Processing representations received in respect of licensing applications

Manor Pavilion Theatre

Manor Pavilion Theatre - Customer mailing list

Monitoring Officer

Monitoring Officer - Councillor Code of Conduct complaints

Parks and Gardens

Parks and Gardens - Allocation of allotments in Sidmouth on council land

Parks and Gardens - Provision of memorial benches in the district

Planning Policy

Planning Policy - Maintaining a self-build register  

Planning Policy - Consulting on our CIL charging schedule  

Planning Policy - Considering representations in respect of neighbourhood plans and development plans

Planning Policy - Processing responses to enquiries undertaken by the council regarding future housing land supply


Procurement - Administration of the procurement process

Private Sector Housing

Private Sector Housing - Maintaining a mandatory register of licensed HMOs and statutory notices

Private Sector Housing - Duties relating to private water supplies

Private Sector Housing - Identifying and bringing long term empty property back into use

Property and Assets

Property and Assets - Processing council property adaptation requests

Property and Assets - Processing applications for the Individual Garden Maintainance (IGM) scheme

Property and Assets - Completion of programmed, servicing and cyclical works

Property and Assets - Processing Right to Buy applications

Property and Assets - Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Scheme

Property and Assets - Green Homes Grant BEIS 

Queens Drive Space

Queens Drive Space - Customer mailing list

Recycling and Waste

Recycling and Waste - Delivery of recycling and waste collection operations

Recycling and Waste - Provision of chargeable green and bulky household waste collection service

Recycling and Waste - Delivery of clinical waste collection service


Rental - Collection of housing rent

Street Naming and Numbering

Street Naming and Numbering - Applications for street naming and numbering

Tenants and Communities

Tenants and Communities - Community Initiative Fund applications

Thelma Hulbert Gallery

Thelma Hulbert Gallery - Volunteer database

Thelma Hulbert Gallery - Artist call-outs and event updates to mailing list


Trees - Protected tree status enquiries

Trees - Protected tree investigations